Monday, June 20, 2011

What made me start my hair journey??

Of course DAMAGED HAIR !!! My 1st through 5th grade year my mother took care of my hair. My 6th grade year i was in control of my own hair. I would mix the "Sofee" greases together creating "growth aids" (I thought). I would use heat every single day (EVERY). From curling irons to flat irons i would use it all. My mom would alway tell me "Girl your damaging your hair, Girl your hair is breaking off". But i didn't believe her.
 Right here my hair was breaking off. & i only had one long piece(pictured) & the rest was broken off.
Went to beautician for a fresh cut (freshmen year)

 Same cut
A year later my hair only grew about 3 inches to 2 inches longer (A YEAR) Slow growth


I knew it was time for a change and i wanted maximum growth, so i started a hair journey. I came across Sunshine from Hairlista video and joined the social network & began my hair journey.
First official hair journey pic. Let the journey begin. Started Journey March 17

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