Saturday, April 28, 2012

DIY: Lowcut Armhole Shirt (Tutorial)

Not going NATURAL :(((((

I know you all get tired of me saying "I'm going natural" but never do. Transitioning and big chopping is drastic for me. When i transtion my hair always looks a mess. I try doing braidouts, bantus, twist, etc.. but after i hit the 4 month post mark those hairstyles just look awful. I then turned to a roller set but they always came out looking frizzy and dry but when relaxed they look GREAT. I then turned to flat ironing but that just loosened/ damage my curl pattern, made it less curly. So then i turned to airdrying and doing my flat twist hair style and thats why i'm here today saying I"M RELAXING. I plan on relaxing the last week or second to last week of May but I might just do it sooner. I really want a texturizer though.We'll SEee. Take a look at these photos of how i'm looking and feeling lol:

Dear Olive Oil Relaxer,
I missed yoouuuu BOOO!!!! :))) Kinda

Friday, April 27, 2012

Comfy Obsession: Lowcut ArmHole Shirt

I know yall have seen these tops. They are very hot! Different stores such as Forever 21 are selling them and my school is sellthing as well for $12 but guess what? YOU CAN MAKE THEM YOURSELF. I have a tutorial on my youtube channel of how i made one. They go well with bandeau tops, colorful tanks, bathing suits, etc.... Check them out

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Heyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! I have been MIA for a while. I apologize, i have been soooo busy with EVERYTHING! And i have forgotten all about my blog. Alot has been going on my sister's prom is friday and we have been running around town trying to find everything from shoes to weave to sew in stylist to nails blah blah blah. I have VLOGS on my youtube channel of some of that and also more to come. I have manage to keep up with my youtube channel thanks to editing software i downloaded on my laptop. KUDOS to that. I have too get back serious with my blog. I was hiding my hair under my wig for about 26 days, longest i have ever worn that wig, but it got HOT! My hair is now shoulder length, remember i got that haircut. Oh yeah!!! I cleaned out my closet got rid of some old clothing, and moved my spring apparel in my closet, SPRING TRENDS & CLOTHING are looking great. So excited!!! From neons to pastel to maxi skirt etc.... Here's some video i have uploaded this and last month. ALSO check out the VLOGS below.