Friday, October 28, 2011

Let's go

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wigging it Up 2

Update Video: Dedicated to my Followers

I have never did a video for my blog so here's one. Hope you like, a little shoutout at the end to SOME of the blogs i love. Enjoy.
Like the wig?
Like these videos?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Half wig into U-part wig

I continued to ask this question on hairlista and kiss and couldn't get the answer i needed so i tried it. And me likes. I cut the half wig down the middle and then sewed the sides up (video coming soon). I tried it on my sister, because i have these straw set and can;t see. And that thing looks like a sew in to me. The half wig didn't blend with my hair so it got frustrating so i made a U-part and i love it. It now looks realistic.

 The cutting.
 U-part, well slim U-part lol, didn't want too much hair out.

Sorry no pics with me trying it on, i have these straw sets and my sister is not cooperating , so yeah I'll post pics ASAP.

Straw Set Day 2: Epic Fail

I'm probaly taking this mess down today. I'll try again maybe in the future, with bigger straws

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Later on that day (saturday)

Day 1: Straw Set (saturaday)

Today is my first day with the straw set. It  has not fallen yet so its real tight. My sister and dad don't like it but i do sort of (looks sort of like a wash & go), and as it falls i know it will look even better. This hairstyle took about and hour and fifteen minutes. I didn't use the big straws like from McDonald's but tiny ones. I did it on 80% air-dried hair. And sat under the dryer for about 5 minutes then let it air dry overnight. I am hoping this hairstyles last for at least a week. Video coming soon!!!!! But anyway here it is:

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Attempting a Straw set

So my friend influenced me to do a straw set well sort of. So at school i have been getting a whole lot of straws and cutting them in half to do the set, ghetto i know lol. I pay for my cafeteria food everyday so yeah let me get some straws lol. Any ways here's my attempt.

This is the video i am following, really great results.

Monday, October 17, 2011

The results of my Perm Rods

This hairstyle will definitly be my transitioning hair style. Its easy and simple. Video coming soon. I'm doing the straw set next so look out for that, it will be my first time so watch for it on my blog, collecting lots of straws from school lol

Saturday, October 15, 2011

New Video: Carmel Treatment

Video Video Video on the camera yall, no webcam yall. I'm excited this video is about the carmel treatment i did not too long ago so watch you guys and enjoys!!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

UPDATE: I can go natural

So i can now go natural, i'm really thrilled. I plan on transitioning for 2 years which is like April 2012 then BC. The only thing is for prom and homecoming i don't know how i will wear my hair. But let me know ladies.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Update: Can't Not Going Natural

I was really excited about going natural but my parents have decided that i can't soooo i can't. Maybe after i graduate from high school i will go natural and transition for about 2 years and then big chop. But for now i will finish my relaxed hair journey and even prove to my family, friends, and everyone who don't know that RELAX HAIR CAN GROW. But i will stretch till december or january if my parents let me then i will relax and hopefully by then my sides will be SL, so i can be full SL and my back will be APL. But kind of sad i can't go natural but that day will come someday soon. Thanks everyone for following and supporting my blog :)))

Sunday, October 2, 2011

I'm going Natural People :)))

Goes what?? I'm thinking well am going natural. I plan on transitioning for about 15 months or more and gradually do mini chops throughout my transition. I want my hair to be basically the same length as it is now when im natural so i will transition for a while. I am sooo excited about this. I am just getting fed up with my thin relaxed hair and i really think its time for a change & also i love big hair.  I am soo excited about this.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

New Video: Hair update #3


Hair review:Carmel Treatment on hair

I did the carmel treatment on my hair yesterday and it was amazing. Besides the banana getting stuck in my  hair lol. TIP: If you try this use banana baby food not real bananas that WILL be a disaster. TRUST ME lol!
Recipe: (got it from a lady on kiss)
 V05, corn syrup, honey, herbal oil, pantene conditioner, syrup (yes syrup),1 banana, & water
I didnt get No exact mersurements

Real Recipe:
over-ripe bananas or baby bananas
                                                                          Olive Oil
Shea or other heavy butter
wheatgerm or coconut oil
Honeymolasses or black-strap molasses
apple cider vinegar

 This is how my mixture look after mixing all the ingredients together.
 I applied it like a relaxer and as applying it my NG was laying really really flat like a relaxer.

 After applying the mixture i put 1 bag or shower cap over my head and tied a scarf. BE careful because this stuff is very drippy.
 I noticed my curl pattern was a little looser as well. Loose curls
 These a the roller i rollersetted with. To get the Ng layed.
 The RESULTS!!! 4 months post 
Conclusion: I will be using this stuff again maybe next week lol. My Ng was layed, it deifinitly moisturized well, and detangling was pretty easy compared to my last rollerset lol.