Saturday, April 28, 2012

Not going NATURAL :(((((

I know you all get tired of me saying "I'm going natural" but never do. Transitioning and big chopping is drastic for me. When i transtion my hair always looks a mess. I try doing braidouts, bantus, twist, etc.. but after i hit the 4 month post mark those hairstyles just look awful. I then turned to a roller set but they always came out looking frizzy and dry but when relaxed they look GREAT. I then turned to flat ironing but that just loosened/ damage my curl pattern, made it less curly. So then i turned to airdrying and doing my flat twist hair style and thats why i'm here today saying I"M RELAXING. I plan on relaxing the last week or second to last week of May but I might just do it sooner. I really want a texturizer though.We'll SEee. Take a look at these photos of how i'm looking and feeling lol:

Dear Olive Oil Relaxer,
I missed yoouuuu BOOO!!!! :))) Kinda

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