Wednesday, December 28, 2011

10 ways (I would,will) wear a fur vest

Okay guys i am so excited about rocking this new fur vest. So i have been looking on lookbook, google, and chictopia for ways to rock it. These are just a few pics that i have found.

1. a men's long sleeves shirt (XXL), knee hives

2. long sleeves, statement skirt, and booties

 Let the vest do the talking (all black)
3. skinny jeans or tights, long sleeves, booties
 4. maxi skirt, stripe shirt
5.simple: shirt, skirt

6. maxi skirt, denim shirt, boater hat 

7. men's denim shirt(XXL), tights

8. statement top, leather skirt

9. All black everything

10. statement dress, tights, booties

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