Friday, December 30, 2011

Its Time for APL :))

Since school i have been still on my hair journey but not to the extreme during the summer. I trimmed my hair today to get rid of the split ends and raggedy ends(well dust, heavy dust). I am still not APL, i'm about still 2 to 3 inches away. Hair grows 1/2 inch a month. So if i went on a 6 month to 7 month stretch i could get their. So my goal is to get to APL! My one year annivesary is in 3 months!!! :)))
Regimen to APL
- Dust when needed(no unnessary)
-Oil scalp with castor oil(massage scalp atleast everyother day)
-M&S every night
-DC every wash for atleast an hour( i have been slacking for about the last 5 months)
-Co-wash once a week 
-Protective styles during winter (no time for split ends)
- ROLLERsets or airdry hair
 --- No flat ironing!!!!
-Steam Hair, Hot Oil 
Here i come (comparison) 5 mons. 3 weeks post
APL here i come 11/25
3 to 4 inches from APL
April 11, 2011
March 24
March 24
Length Check
March 21

I have been discouraged for the past week now, because when i look at my hair its still the same length, but i have regected my hair journey for about 5 months since i've been in school, so my one year and a half on hair journey i'm expecting APL july or august 2012 for sure! Mark my words! I will be APL!

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