Monday, June 4, 2012

Rethinking Sulfate Shampoos

When starting a hair journey their are two major bad ingredients  Sodium  Lauryl Sulfate and Mineral Oil. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is bad for your hair it makes hair dry very quickly. It also strips your hair off its moisture and other essential oils. It does a whole lot of other things as well. Lately, well for about a year now, I have been just co-washing my hair and  deep conditioning every wash and clarify(Shampooing with a sulfate shampoo) once a month. Recently I found a sulfate free Shampoo, thats amazing, but it doesn't do the job like sulfate shampoo. I HATE an oily scalp/greasy roots. I find that my sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner doesn't do the job that needs to be done. What is really the purpose of a sulfate-free shampoo if it doesn't do any cleaning? About a month or two ago I was talking to my hair stylist and I asked her was Sulfate Shampoo bad for the hair and she said " Yes but as long as you do a deep conditioner after shampooing with it your hair will be fine." Right about now I am researching and trying to find what works best for my hair, not others, but mines :)


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