Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bantu Knots & Red Lips:))

I'm attempting bantu knots on 17 weeks post hair.

1. finger part each section and M&S like normal w/Moisturizer and sealed with oil

2. completed 9 total bantu knots did one strand twist

3. Oh yeah i did this one airdried hair (80% dry)

4. I bobby pinned each knot

5. Sprayed my whole head with my homemade leave-in conditioner from my regimen - very lightly just about 2-3 spritz for the whole head

6. tied down with satin scarf and set overnight

7. when taking them out lightly very lightly coat fingertips w/EVOO and unravel each knot then go back through and lightly coat fingertips again and separate the twists until I loved them.

8. Work with the knots and style as you desire.

PICTURES COMING ToMMOROW of the results !!!!!

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