Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall Fashion Wish List

My Fall/ Winter wishlist includes:

 1. Black Wedge Heels- I have always always wanted a pair of these babies and i really want some for the fall, they are very chic.
 2). Fur Vest: One word HOT!
 3) Oxfords- They give any outfit a vintage look, which i like.
4) Winter Short- Who said you can't wear shorts in the winter/fall? Pair with some black tights and your out.

5). Leather boots- this should be on everyone's fall/ winter wish list.
6) Leather skirt- One word CHIC!!!


  1. LOVE IT!

    I have some of those on my list too!! Forever 21 is definitely the place to go for most if not all of these.

    I got similar booties there and they have two different styles of it I believe - also Pacsun has them.

    I also found a faux vest very similar to that one also at F21. I'm getting it tomorrow hopefully.

    And the leather skirt I saw it a while back I don't know now. But the boots are definitely there as well as the shorts. ;)


  2. OMG definitly going to forever 21! Thanks girls alot.