Sunday, September 25, 2011

Take a look at my photography side :))

Ok you guys one of my talents is taking photos, i love love editing and take pictures of things. So my sister and I teamed up and had a photoshoot yesterday and it was amazing. Sorry i didn't get to rotate some but take a look :) enjoy


  1. Aw you have the cutest poses! I have been looking for a nice oversized white shirt like that for the longest but I still have not struck luck.

    Hopefully soon I'll find the one...

    Your simple and chic outfit = ♥ for me!

  2. By the way you should definitely check out/join that's the place for lots of inspiration to take in. ;-)

  3. haha girl i love that site, and thats not me thats my model, my sister. And i'm a member of that site. Love getting fashion ideas from their, i can;t wait to start posting my fashion looks on here. & update my lookbook lol

  4. Oh wow you guys look very alike! And it's great to find another lookbook fan! :D When you start posting them link them to me. ;-)