Monday, September 5, 2011

I've been scrunching my hair !!!

I've been scurnching my hair lately. I was wondering was this hairstyle healthy and according to my KISS sisters, it is and my hair loves it i think so far. Its hydrates and moisturizes my hair. So i have been wetting it like almost everyday and scrunching in moisturizer,conditioner, water, sometimes black tea and gel lol.

First i start out by cowash or wetting my hair
Next i sit under the fan and scrunch.
after doing thatfor a minutes i scrunch in my moicturizer, oil, then sit under fan for 5 continue scrunching
then i add a little gel (natural gel) and scrunch under the fan
sometimes i add black tea, 1) because it enhances my curls for some odd reason 2) It stops the shedding !!

I do not use the alcohol GEL, MOUSSE,WRAP LOTION, ETC......

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