Friday, July 29, 2011

Save Money Shopping for Clothing at Thrift Stores

GOkay so lately my family and I have been on a budget and i refuse to buys a top from Forever21 for $19- 30. Soooo i have been going thrifting like every wenseday. I am soo addicted to vintage clothing now. I found like 4 silk shirts this go round, and all were around 4 and under. I have found really cute heels, biker boots, and vintage bags. I love putting my own twist on the "grandma" looking clothes (as my sister would say) and adding my style in it. You guyssss i encourage you to find your local thrift store whether its Slavation Army, goodwill, etc...

Oh yeah it's soo fun to go thrifting with a friend, Go thrifting you guys :))

<3 Peace !


  1. i love the thrift store! I love the fact that no one else will have what you have which is wayyy better than paying 20 bucks for a shirt 3 of your friends will have lol

  2. I want to know which one you are going to because the ones where I live suck! Nothing wearable..

  3. Nice post!!! I plan to visit Goodwill tomorrow, I hope I find some nice stuff. :)
    By the way thank you for following my blog :)

  4. This was my plan when I start winter shopping next week :)