Sunday, July 17, 2011

Finally found a airdrying routine that works!!!

I had been looking for a airdrying routine that works for my hair that would give me a look as if i just blowdryed my hair with the comb blow dryer. I tryed the scarf method (hair hanging) it made my hair frizzy and a mess. I tried the wet wrap (loved it) but just too much manipulation for my hair, i only do it like once a month. I tried basically all the airdrying routine out their lol

Here what id did:
` Co washed hair
` DC
`Applied detangler on hair & detangled
`about 1 to 2 mins later i applied creamy leave in condtioner to my hair (fingered combed through)
` 1 to 2 minutes later, i applied wrap lotion to my hair and combed through
` Combed hair back and put scarf over my head
` Used tangle tweezer to just smoothedout hair but did not used tangle tweezer on ends (while scarf on)
` Let aidry for about 30 mintutesn, Moisturize & seal hair
NOTE: While airdrying continue to smooth out hair with fingers to prevent frizz
` After letting dry for 30 mintues, i tucked my hair ends into the scarf pouch & let airdry
` Occasionally take hair ends down and smooth with fingers to prevent frizz and tuck ends back in
`WaLAH! After hair is completely dry it should be frizz free


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