Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My hair regimen

 My Hair Regimen (Freshly relaxed now)
-Shampoo 1x/month  (Sat)
- DC (every wash day)
-Protein Treatment (once a month)
-Co-wash 1x/week 
Hot Oil Treatment (once a month)
-Moisture&Seal (3xs a week)
-Oil my edges,nape&scalp with oil/potion (everyday)
Protective or low Manipulation hair style:(Everyday)
or wear hair down (when feel like)
-Roller set (every wash that i'm not airdrying)
-Aridry hair (when lazy)
-GHE (braidout & twistout days)
-Trim my ends 3 times in a year
-Dust every month
-Get a touchup 20-24 weeks post (4 months)
-Last Relaxer-06/13/11
-Next relaxer (00/00/11
How many weeks post- 3 weeks

Supplement --- NONE !!

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