Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Nail Journey !!!

I have bit my fingernails all my life. I would always say i'm going to stop biting them but i never did. Last month June 15 (i think) I finally stopped bitting them. Its almost a month and i still have not bit them. They have grown soo much. Didn't take a before picture :(
But its not even a month yet & this is how they look. Before my nails were like bitten bitten like all the way to my skin literally. But thank GOD he delivered me from this bad habit. Thank you JESUS !!!!

Nail Regimen:
` Push cuticles back every other day
`File nails or twirl ring instead of bitting
`let nails sit in egg yolk , its a strengthner(once a month)
`Apply nail strengther (clear polish) every other day
`Keep nails polish
`Soak in water every other day
`Apply cuticle cream everyday

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